Benefits of automated CFRP production

PSV Composites offers a novel fully automated carbon-braiding technology that delivers a breakthrough in cycle time reduction, combined with superior material performance characteristics, at competitive cost. 

These breakthroughs are achieved by automating the braiding of the dry carbon fibers directly around a mandrel (product design pre-form). In addition, the patented technology features the unique capability to “braid around a corner”. This eliminates the need for multiple parts and joints in a component or product.

The final carbon components are lightweight, over-braided, monolithic and ready for fully automated series and high volume production. The production cell is easy to install and is designed to seamlessly operate with mainstream production robots. The braided parts are then completed through an in-house Resin Transfer Modling (RTM) process.

The current production facilities are situated in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and include over 1000m2 of prduction floorspace.

Summary of key attributes

• Fully automated (Speed, Quality & Reproducibility)

• Braid around a corner (Performance and Versatility)

• Series & high volume production (Speed)

• 3-10x faster than current standard (Speed) 

• Eliminate pre-preg laminate step (Cost)

• Optimized fibre placement (Versatility – Customisation)

• Net shape generation - Low material waste (Cost)



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