Disrupting the composite industry

Composite materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP), are stronger than steel while as light as plastic. These exceptional properties are driving rapid growth across many market sectors, including automotive, aerospace, industrial, wind energy and sports & leisure markets. In many cases the manufacturing processes used today are limiting even faster and broader CFRP penetration. A key factor is the current low level of automation, including traditional manual layup of pre-impreganated (pre-preg) laminates. This labour intensive process leads to higher cost as well as severe limitations in terms of performance and quality.

The huge growth potential, combined with the manufacturing limitations, opens the door for the entry of a disruptive technologyA disruptive technology here is simply defined as one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the status quo of the industry. This is exactly what PSV Compsites intends to do through a patented solution for the automated production of high volumes of carbon braided components and products.

Value proposition

The committment of PSV Composites is to deliver competitively priced product with industry leading:

  • Performance in terms of design specifications, superior quality and perfect reproducibility.
  • Speed in terms of product development, rapid prototyping, production cycle times and Time-to-Market.
  • Versatility in terms of design freedom, customisation, unique construction & form factors and flexibility in strength & rigidness.

Business - Market Entry - Growth

Through the PSV Composites Holding company, separate subsidiary companies will be established to address the various market sectors. 

The first of these is in the Sport & Leisure market (PSVC Sport & Leisure BV) where we are already demonstrating sports products with competitive advantages never experienced before. This includes the first field hockey stick to be fully customised to the specific needs of an individual player. Further future products include ice hockey sticks, bicycle parts and frames, baseball bats, racquets, skis and many more.

After Sport & Leisure, PSV Composites will expand into further markets, including automotive and aerospace.


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