Disrupting the Sport & Leisure industry

Why start with Sport & Leisure?

At the highest professional level, sport is a very competitive occupation, with millions of dollars of potential earnings dependent upon fractions of a second or tenths of a centimeter. Even the dedicated amateur is willing to invest a great deal of money to improve his or her performance. Thus, as in other fields, the use of advanced materials in sports can be justified if it leads to enhanced performance. 

Just as in the transportation industry, the materials of choice for sports have shown a major evolution over the last 100 years. From naturally occurring materials such as wood, twine, gut, and rubber, to high technology metals, polymers, ceramics and synthetic-hybrid materials including carbon composites.

In terms of composite materials consumption, some of the largest volume users of carbon fiber composites in the Sport & Leisure market are the manufacturers of golf shafts, racquets, skis, snowboards, hockey sticks, fishing rods and bicycles.

While carbon based solutions have had a great impact here, further growth has been limited by a lack of performance improvement over time, long time-to-market cycles and ultimately, high cost. These factors stem from the fact that such products are made primarily by hand, with pre-impregnated (pre-preg) woven carbon fiber laminates. Furthermore, this labor-intensive factor leads to inconsistencies in terms of quality and performance as well as an exceptionally low level of product-product repeatability.   

Initial discussions with potential customers in this market have already highlighted that PSV Composites offers key advantages in terms of product design, performance, quality and construction, as well as speed in terms of development and production cycles. 

These advantages differentiate PSV Composites strongly from the current supplier base and will help remove the existing limitations to ensure even stronger composite growth in the Sport & Leisure segment. 

PSVC Sport & Leisure BV

The private company PSVC Sport & Leisure BV was founded in September 2014 as a Joint Venture between PSV Composites Holding BV and Diepensteyn NV, Belgium.



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